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It’s in AIM’s manifesto: ‘you are the driver of change’. Whether for your organisation or in your own professional life, investing in skills development today can have long term impacts.

Its tax time and a new financial year for most! For you individually this might mean a tax rebate, or for organisations a refresh of training budget. This is the perfect time to carefully consider options for up-skilling through short courses and qualifications.

Investing in yourself or your staff can lead to improved: productivity, sense of self control and direction, job satisfaction, and, overall, achievement of personal and professional goals.

Where do you get started? Pick a subject area below and click through to get more information and a free skills guide to help you with quick tips and new ideas.

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Leadership & Management

For everyone from the prospective manager, to the experienced leader, AIM’s range of short courses and qualifications have been developed to guide and support people through their career. Covering everything from management basics, leadership, communication and more.

Our top picks:

  • Manage People Effectively
  • Diploma of Leadership and Management

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Whether your need relates to two way conversations, thinking on the spot, assertiveness or dealing with difficult situations and people, AIM’s range of short courses can assist in identifying personal and circumstantial barriers to communication and improving workplace relationships.

Our top picks:

  • Assertiveness techniques
  • Think on your feet®
  • Effective Communication

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Project Management

Would you like to formalise your skills with an official certification? Our suite of Project Management course and qualifications cover everything from the basics of the project lifecycle and your role, to managing multiple project. Each course is designed with clear progression to the next stage.

Our top picks:

  • Project Management Fundamentals
  • Applied Project Management
  • Diploma of Project Management

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Specialist & General Development

Some skills just can’t be categorised but are very important to aid professional development and to help individuals really stand out from the crowd. AIM offers additional courses to help you tap into your hidden skills.

Our top picks:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Time Management

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Human Resources

With people being the heart of the business, the HR coordinator, manager or director plays an essential part in ensuring the organisation runs smoothly and that staff are motivated, safe and happy.

Our top picks for HR:

  • HR Essentials
  • Preventing Bullying and Harassment
  • Certificate IV in Human Resources

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Public Sector

Working in the public sector can be an entirely different experience to some private organisations. Success comes in having a strong understanding of the public sector ways of working, ethics and learning to apply your specialist skills to a public sector context. Our short courses help you do just that.

Our top picks:

  • Ethics and Governance
  • Foundations of Working in the Public Sector
  • Diploma of Government

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For a manager with a non-financial background, communicating with finance teams and understanding how to interpret financial documents, budget and make financially sound decisions can be a challenge.

Our top picks:

  • Finance for Non-Finance Managers
  • Managing Financial Resources (postgrad unit)

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Essential accreditation

Training & Assessment

As a trainer in the VET sector or learning and development professional, it is important to have the essential understanding of training delivery and assessment, as well as the industry recognised qualifications.

Our top picks:

  • Train the Trainer
  • Advanced Training Skills
  • Certificate IV in TAE

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Sales, Marketing, Customer Service

As a Sales, Marketing or Customer Service professional, gain the underpinning knowledge, confidence and certification you need to advance in your career.

Our top picks:

  • Managing your sales team
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Certificate IV in Marketing

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Higher Education

Is an MBA out of reach? We think not. We’re breaking down the barriers to achieving an MBA with a pathway that is accessible and affordable. Your experience alone can get you started today.

Find out more about the AIM MBA and other postgraduate programs here.

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Online Qualifications

If you don’t have time for classroom study, or prefer to study in your own time, AIM offers almost all qualifications online. including Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma. Connect with tutors and other students online whilst studying in the comfort of your own home or office.

Find out more here.

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For more information about AIM’s courses, fill out the form above for a full directory.

For more information about AIM’s courses, fill out the form above for a full directory.



Why AIM?

AIM seamlessly aligns with the professional development needs of modern business.


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For more than 75 years we have been servicing the profession of management and assisting individuals and businesses alike to reach their full potential.

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Every year, we train more than 25,000 people with experience across a range of industries. We’re the go-to body for training the management profession in Australia.

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From a dedicated team of advisors helping your staff on their career journey, to mentoring and support throughout their studies, AIM is the partner to trust.

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Whether you prefer face to face classroom learning with like-minded peers or studying online at a time and place that suits you, AIM offers flexible delivery.

Payment support for all

AIM is an approved FEE-HELP and VET-FEE-HELP provider meaning our Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas and graduate programs are available on a study now, pay later basis.