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Arm yourself with vital salary information in the war for talent.

For over fifty years, AIM has delivered unbiased and up-to-date Australian salary information via our National Salary Survey (NSS). Collecting data from 25,000 employees across Australia, we profile a wide range of business sectors and positions – giving managers insight like no other.

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The National Salary Survey - a must-have for decision-makers.

Whether you’re a HR manager or CEO, it’s vital to stay up-to-date on Australian wages and current market trends. Access detailed information on average wages in Australia across a broad range of industries.

AIM NSS Pre-order - Packages and policies

Salary guides help develop packages and policies

By using our salary guides, you can confidently offer salary packages that are both cost-effective and competitive and develop engaging HR policies and practices.

AIM NSS Pre-order - Get it right every time

Get it right every time with our comprehensive salary survey data

Our salary survey data helps you avoid over paying or under paying staff while confidently setting salary increases (using pay movement and forecast data).

AIM NSS Pre-order - Employee happiness matters

Utilising salary survey data helps improve employee happiness

Improve staff performance and boost staff engagement within your organisation.

AIM NSS Pre-order - Save time and money

Save time and money by making use of salary survey data

Retain quality staff longer while avoiding the cost of high staff turnover.

AIM NSS Pre-order - Comprehensive and reliable

Comprehensive and reliable salary guides

Strike the right remuneration balance across your organisation.

What sets our salary survey apart?

Not only has AIM led the way in delivering salary survey data for many years, we continue to develop our offering to deliver greater value.

  • 270 position titles to benchmark. Most position titles come with a detailed position description, summary tables of salary figures, breakdown of salary figures by $ turnover, number of employees, location and industry.
  • Pinpoint relevant data. Click here to see how easy it is to use our online data drill-down tool to isolate data that’s relevant to your organisation, industry and location.
  • Keep your staff engaged. Use the HR Profile, Trends and Forecasts section to find out what others are doing to keep their key staff.
  • Easy access. Purchasers receive the National Salary Survey electronically and as a hard copy.
  • Additional insights. NSS purchasers receive the AIM Staff Retention Report (with the October Update) and the AIM Gender Pay report (scheduled to be released in December 2017).

Competitive pricing.

We want to make the National Salary Survey accessible to all businesses, and have priced it accordingly. Looking to save more? Become a contributor and see below.

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Be rewarded for playing your part.

We rely on businesses to provide us with the information we need to complete the NSS every year. Choose to become a contributor and you’ll not only be helping maintain this valuable industry resource – you’ll also be able to purchase the survey at a reduced rate of $1275.

AIM NSS - Contributor Pricing

To learn more about the National Salary Survey, or how to become a contributor, call us on 1300 362 631.