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Diversity Proof Points

Hurdle or opportunity?

What is the underlying role that diversity plays in businesses? Is it just another hurdle we need to overcome or can it offer opportunities for the future-focused?

AIM decided to take a closer look at the issue of Diversity, starting with a look at the make-up of the Australian population – considering things like age, gender, race, religion, disability – as it is now and what it will be like in 40 years. We then studied how mid to large Australian organisations approach diversity and overlaid the results.


Australia’s diversity blind spot.

It seems that there’s a sharp disconnect between population and workforce – in fact, there is a diversity ‘blind spot’. And many Australian businesses are NOT physically embracing diversity as quickly as the country is changing, despite the increasing national focus on the issue.

Businesses that ‘get’ diversity reap the rewards.

The good news is corporations that have taken diversity seriously are finding that their business is benefitting – differentiating themselves from the competition, experience stronger growth, facing less risk, maximising their potential.

So by accepting your organisation’s blind spot, what are you missing out on?

Find out in the Research Paper “Shining a light on Australia’s Workplace blind spot”.

Act now to benefit sooner.

Recognising the issue of diversity is the main step. Embarking on change is challenging, but doesn’t have to be a barrier. AIM can help you with a tailored solution for your organisation based on the individual diversity hurdles you face.

Research Paper

Ignoring diversity is ignoring the future success of your business.
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